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Setting up the environment for hosting your spring boot Application on Ubuntu

Once you the developer is done developing your spring boot application,its now time to host your application so that it can be accessed publicly.

Kwafo Nana Mensah - 7 September 2018
Installing and Configuring nginx on Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS

Nginx is a web server. what then is a webserver? A web server is a server that hosts an application that listens to the HTTP requests .There are a few web servers around,

Kwafo Nana Mensah - 7 September 2018
Enabling a Port after configuring virtual host on nginx webserver

Say you have finished setting up your virtual host on nginx on a particular port say This cant cannot be accessed on host browser till a firewall is added that will enable port 83.

Kwafo Nana Mensah - 7 September 2018
Allow remote connection on mysql on ubuntu 16.01

Say you have finished Installing mysql on your ubuntu 16.01 LTS . We now now want to ensure we can access the database remotely

Kwafo Nana Mensah - 23 January 2019